Arman The Parman’s Bitcoin Articles


This is a growing list of Bitcoin related articles I wrote (links) which can keep you busy and progressing down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

They are a mix of informational and technical DIY pieces.

General Bitcoin

Understanding the fundamentals influencing Bitcoin price Link

The true value of Bitcoin (published in Bitcoin Reserve) Link

Why Plan B’s model works Link

Bitcoin Syllabus Link

Bitcoin DIY

How to store your Bitcoin. Single sig Link and Multisig Link

How to memorise your seed. Memory technique. Link

6 reasons to run a Bitcoin Node Link

How to run a node. Various options;

  • Raspberry Pi (Bitcoin Core, EPS, Electrum Wallet) Link
  • Mac Desktop (Bitcoin Core, EPS, Electrum Wallet) Link

Make an air-gapped Raspberry Pi Zero Electrum wallet (bespoke hardware wallet) Link

How to spend from an air-gapped bespoke hardware wallet shared between other multisig wallets Link

Succession planning (bequethment). Coming soon.

Advice about mixing Link

Instructions on how to mix your coins. Coming soon.

Response to Objections

Stop saying Bitcoin is too slow Link

51% attack is not a real threat Link


The case against all shitcoins. (Tweet thread). Link Article soon

Empty Blocks explained (Tweet) Link