The Definitive Bitcoin Syllabus

March 2020.

Edited August 2020.

I need a succinct as possible reading list that I endorse to refer interested precoiners to. This will help them learn the correct information as quick as possible, and avoid seductive narratives from shitcoiners and scammers. I may update the list from time to time.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Here are two videos I recommend to start with. The first discusses the “WHY” of Bitcoin. The second discusses “HOW”. It’s a bit more technical but an important video.


And this is a playlist to check out for later if there is time (Bitcoin for beginners):

Stephan Livera

Vijay Boyapati

Vijay appears on episodes 2, 17 and 40 of Stephan Livera’s podcast.

Saifedean Ammous

Parker Lewis

Start on the last page, second last article — “Gradually, then suddenly”, then “Bitcoin can’t be copied”, then “Bitcoin is not too volatile”, then “Bitcoin does not waste energy”, “Bitcoin is not too slow”, “Bitcoin fixes this”, “Bitcoin not blockchain”, “Bitcoin is not backed by nothing”, “Bitcoin is not a pyramid scheme”, “Bitcoin cannot be banned”, “Bitcoin is not for criminals”, “Bitcoin obsoletes all other money”, and also watch out for more as he writes.

Nick Szabo

Shelling out, is an important article, written before Bitcoin was created:

Nakamoto Institue

Here you will find some of the articles I have mentioned, and also the Bitcoin white paper. I recommend reading this, but not at first, it is technical.

Arman The Parman

This article helps one understand what’s under the hood regarding the bitcoin price:

It builds from and overlaps somewhat with an earlier article:

Jimmy Song

This is an excellent article about the problems of fiat money:

Twitter & ranks the best of them

Robert Breedlove

A spectacular article, an in depth discussion about the problems of the world.caused by central banking, and theft of human time via inflation.

The article…

Podcast with Stephan Livera discussing the article…



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